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You Can Manage a Project without a PMP. Here’s How…

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for credentials. That four year engineering degree was the best 6 years of my life. A master’s degree in engineering management was another 2 years. And after that? A P.E. license. I’m a bona fide registered Professional Engineer. Check. But who cares? What does this have to do […]


Process Improvement is for Food Startups, Too

Manufacturing is just one piece of the value chain of commercializing a product but a very, if not the most important one.  From concept to design and iterations of your idea, eventually you need to actually make your product with frequency and consistency.  This is where your company logistics and manufacturing process comes in. The […]


Taking Your Food Business from Concept to Commercialization: Lessons in Planning and Patience

Manufacturing a food product can be a complicated process and to achieve it cost effectively can take a great deal of thought, planning and patience.  Concept to commercialization involves a process of experimentation, recipe testing, tasting and feedback.  Then just when you think you’ve got it you may find your ingredients, packaging or manufacturing process […]


Finding Your Production Flow: Navigating FMCG

Food and beverage manufacturing can be a funny onion to peel.  While other industries, including hardware and software technology, have planned obsolescence to worry about, food and beverage has a similar yet very different problem: Shelf Life. A food product’s limited shelf life creates a non-negotiable time component to quality when designing your manufacturing operations.   […]


Packaging Your Product 1, 2, 3… Basics of Food Packaging

A brand owner starting out with launching their new product has many things on their mind, and packaging is usually not one of them. Besides, you cannot package your product until you actually make it, right? Absolutely Correct. However, just as you want your product to be delicious and functional you’ll also want your package […]


The Role of the Plant Engineer

Every few years, as I dig through my engineering books, technical papers and other nerd paraphernalia that I’ve collected, I rediscover my favorite specimen of all — a book entitled “Techniques of Plant Engineering and Maintenance” Volume 19.  One might assume this dry title means dry information contained within, but I beg to differ.  Ok, […]


Dear Pack Systems……

Dear Pack Systems, I’m an engineering project manager having some stress with my work because the client keeps changing the project schedule. I cannot figure out why they keep changing their mind!  How can I better react to endless changes in schedule and what can I do to prevent future altercations? Sincerely, Frustrated in Franktown […]


Will Prop 37 Make Your Food Safer?

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the words ‘Food Safety’? For me, in its most primitive form, ‘food safe’ simply refers to the status of stuff I can eat which won’t make me sick or dead.  But to be more specific, my personal version of ‘food safe’ refers to […]


Thank You Bartender…

 …for the exquisite place setting for dinner …for your knowledge of wine …for your gracious suggestions as I fumble to decide …for delivering a scrumptious meal …for suggesting the extra sauce is really wonderful for dip …for offering a recyclable to-go-box for my leftovers …for offering the to-go-box a second time …for suggesting leftovers are […]


53 Years and Counting….Part Eurovision

Attending InterPack2011 in Düsseldorf was undoubtedly the best experience I can recall while subjected to business travel.  The reputation of the event just heightened the anticipation of poking in and around brand new equipment, fiddling with new packaging formats, attending show floor talks and seminars, socializing with industry colleagues, meeting new colleagues and drinking lots […]